About Us

We started this blog as a place to share our thoughts and ideas about looking good and feeling great, and how to achieve that while still having all the fun and ideally living somewhat within our means… 

We’re both passionate foodies – Cecily is a keen home cook and a terrible vegetarian (although working on it!) and is constantly creating new recipes to cook for friends and family. Abi has a firm finger on the pulse of new restaurants and bars in London and Edinburgh, where she grew up, and also an encyclopaedic knowledge of beauty products and brands. She is the go-to beauty guru for everyone we know, and lives by the motto ‘ABC: Always Be Chic’, while Cecily probably needs some help in this department…



Hello! I’m Cecily, and for my part, I’ll be writing about the things I love: cooking simple, delicious food, eating with friends and family, and largely staying the fuck indoors.

I’m currently living in East London, in a freezing warehouse with three lovely flatmates and my horrible cat Richard. I work in publishing and, when I’m not on my bike, can regularly be found missing my stop on the tube with my head stuck in a book.

It is food, though, has been always been my Big Thing. This is largely down to my mother, who is probably the best cook I know. We would always come home to a healthy and delicious meal, made from scratch, and I can remember cooking by her side since I was a little girl. I owe so much of my love of food and any skill in the kitchen I have to her, and she’s always the person I call for a second opinion on a recipe or advice on something I’m not familiar with.

Throughout my teen years and early twenties I had something of a laissez-faire attitude towards nutrition and health, but as I’ve watched my waistline expand and felt my hangovers lengthen, I’ve started to see the value in looking after myself a bit. To that end, the recipes I’ll post here will be mostly vegetarian, and will focus on simple, seasonal food that’ll make you feel great, but that will also sometimes be, y’know, cake. Because cake is good for your soul.



The first thing you should know about me is that I love products. I love products so much that I sometimes talk about them in my sleep. I can’t remember exactly where this all began, but it probably had something to do with my elder sister being a makeup artist and beauty therapist. I was her guinea pig and she walked me through all things beauty; bath bombs, lipstick, fake tan, manicures, eyebrow tinting, fake eyelashes, my first wax.  I became a (very premature!) beauty snob, knowing oh-too-well the difference between Sisley and Superdrug.

The first thing I ever saved up for was a Lancome Juicy Tube lipgloss. They were the height of sophistication in 2004. It took six weeks to save up enough pocket money and the trip to Harvey Nichols was ceremonious. I will never forget it. Embarrassingly, I wore my sister’s sparkly silver kitten heels and I stuffed empty Chanel and Space NK carrier bags with tissue paper to make me look like a baller. In some ways, things have changed since then, but I still love products and still like to splash out occasionally, like a baller.

I also live in East London. Ex-warehouser, I now live by Victoria Park with my boyfriend and all of my beauty products. I have a little bear cat called Wu-Tang and am definitely in the more amateur stages of culinary excellence but I’m a foodie and a cook nonetheless. I love trying new places in London and travelling afar. I live for spa days and having any kind of treatment (especially those had abroad!) I like to think I know what’s happening in the health and wellbeing world, as well as where to wine and dine someone on a Friday night.